About Us

Our company history dated since the year 2002, when it was formed as Sole-Proprietor Business in Dominican Republic, by then we started as a computer repair services shop, computer and parts sales, and network installations. Later in the same year we expanded our horizons, with the inclusion of cell phones repair services, and cell phones and parts sales.

By the end of 2003 our business grew, and we had to separate the cellphone’s part of the business, as we became a very well recognized company dealing with cell phone software repair, activation code scanner services, and mobile devices programming. We also combined a series of communication related services to our business, such as, international calling centers, and small range wireless internet services provider to nearby neighborhoods.

By April 2009, our company was legally formed in the US with the same name as ever existed, and providing almost the same services as originally did; with the inclusion of multiple other services along the years, thanks to the preparations, IT certifications, and the professional levels of our personnel, we can offer our clients the most affordable, and best possible IT, wireless, mobile, repair, networking and infrastructure installation, data recovery and security services, among many other services. Forming and maintaining a warm and satisfactory relationship with our clients, as a commitment of success of the people and businesses that put their trust in our hands.

Most of our company belongs to a group of United States Armed Forces Veterans, that thinks we can continue serving with excellence and distinguished service in other fields, to those who request our services, and wherever we are called to serve.